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Laboratory Microscopes For Sale – Olympus Model BH2

  • olympus_bh2_laboratory_microscopeHigh quality laboratory microscope – at one time the preferred ‘workhorse’ in most NZ hospital and diagnostic laboratories.
  • Very popular with pathologists for home use.
  • The instrument can perform a wide range of microscopic techniques – brightfield, phase contrast, darkground, videomicroscopy .
  • A wide range of accessories available – discussion attachments, (2, 3, 4, or 5 heads), simple polarising, incident fluorescence, photomicrography, and video microscopy for live blood analysis.
  • A drawing attachment is also available.
  • 6V20 quartz halogen Koehler illumination system.
  • Currently up to 10 instruments are available, along with a good choice of objectives.
  • A well-made instrument which will last a lifetime.
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