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Polarising Microscope – Olympus BH2 Model

  • Olympus BH2 MicroscopeOlympus BH2 Polarising microscope, with incident illumination system.
  • 20W quartz halogen transmitted light source; 12V 50W halogen incident light
  • Photobinocular eyetubes, with 10X widefield crosslined eyepieces
  • BH2-UMA incident illuminator with BF cube, 50W lamphousing, and variable
  • Quadruple, polarising nosepiece, centrable
  • Objectives MDPlan 5x, MDPlan 10x, MDPLan 20x, and MDPlan 50x
  • Widefield eyepieces 10x, crosslined 530nm compensator plate.
  • Intermediate polarising unit with rotating analyser and focusing Bertrand
  • Polarising stage, fully rotatable, with click restraints.
  • Polarising condenser with rotatable polariser.

Instrument recently fully overhauled by Olympus engineers and in perfect
working order, with a 3 year warranty against optical and mechanical

Replacement cost in the region of NZ$15,000.00. We will consider any offer over $7,500.

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