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Research Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope – Olympus IMT-2

  • olympus_IMT_2A versatile high-performance instrument of ergonomic design.
  • Built-in controls for 12V50W quartz halogen kohler illumination system
  • 45degree binocular head for comfortable viewing
  • Front and side camera ports
  • Integral 1x, 1.5x and CT (phase telescope) magnification changer
  • IMT-2-SVR mechanical stage
  • IMT-2-LWCD brightfield/phase condenser
  • Objectives Plan4x, SPlan10x phase, LWDCDPlan20x phase, LWDCDPlan40x phase
  • Widefield eyepieces WHK10x
  • IMT2-NIC2 Nomarski DIC attachment also available.
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