Micro Instruments NZ Ltd

Microscope Repairs and Servicing

On-site Routine Microscope Servicing

We travel around New Zealand carrying out on-site routine microscope maintenance. We are also able to call on other professional microscopy and microtomy service engineers to assist with large contracts.

We routinely visit University, Hospital and Industrial laboratories to carry out microscope maintenance and repairs. If we have a number of customers in an area we endeavour to combine these to reduce travel and accommodation costs. We can also carry out electrical safety checks on your microscope to AS/NZS 3760 standard.


Workshop Microscope Servicing And Repairs

You can send, (via courier or post), your microscope for us to service and repair in our workshop. We understand that for those of you who only have one or two microscopes it is far more cost effective for you to send us your microscope rather than us call on you.


Modification And Upgrades To Microscopes

These may be as basic as connecting your old illumination system to a more modern higher output lighting system. The older microscopes had Tungsten lamp which can be upgraded to Halogen or LED type illumination.

Stage extension knobs can be manufactured to make the operation of the microscope stage controls less fatiguing.


Specialised Optical Cleaning

Specialised Optical CleaningSome microscopes have mirrored surfaces which are in the imaging light path. If these mirrors get scratched or dirty/dusty these imperfections appear in the observed image.

We can remove dust and dirt without causing any damage to mirrored surfaces.

Microscopes generally have optical prisms: particularly in the observation head. These can be contaminated by dust/dirt and in hot humid conditions by fungus. Again these dust/dirt particles can usually be removed without damage but fungus can only sometimes be removed once present.


Mechanical And Electrical Repairs To Microscopes

Almost all of our mechanical repairs are carried out in-house. With our expertise working with most of the major microscope manufacturers – Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica (Leitz, Wild). Meiji, Vickers, Watson, Swift and numerous other small microscope companies, we can tackle most of the mechanical repairs ourselves.

Modern microscopes have sophisticated electronic componentry and their repair is usually carried out by our experienced electronic engineer.


Specialist Repacking And Relocation Service

Microscope Relocation ServiceMoving? How do I pack and relocate my expensive and fragile microscope? Well…we have been sending microscopes around NZ (and to other countries) for a number of years. We have the experience to professionally dismantle and package your precious microscope so that it reaches its destination in good order. We can also reassemble the microscope for your at its destination. A full service unique to New Zealand.


Microscope Hire

We have an extensive stock of microscopes of all types available for short and long term hire. We can offer routine laboratory microscope with phase contrast, fluorescence and video systems. We also offer a rent to buy scheme and can part exchange your old or obsolete microscope when hiring or purchasing. If you have a microscope in for a lengthy repair we offer a hired replacement for the duration of the repair.


Microscope Consultancy And Advice

We are able to offer you independent advice when purchasing new or used microscopes.

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose which type of microscope is best for a particular application. We have many years of experience within the microscope industry which we can offer when considering thee acquisition of additional microscopes.

We can also supply valuation for deceased estates and insurance purposes.